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Improve patient care and save lives with Aseptuva's Far-UVC technology, designed to prevent hospital acquired infections (HAI), reduce burden on healthcare staff and combat the rise of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
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The why

Clinical Need

When catheters are inserted into patients, the risk of contracting sepsis increases with each passing day, and can eventually cause death due to multiple organ failure.
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The what


A major cause of HAI are bacterial colonization of catheter-entry sites by bacteria. When untreated, the bacteria may form biofilms and eventually enter the body, thereby triggering lethal bloodstream infections (BSI), which account for nearly 7.3% of all HAI.
of patients admitted for intensive care treatment are affected by Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) worldwide.
>13 days
post-infection length of stay (LOS) in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by treating patients with antibiotics.
extra costs on average for prolonged ICU stay, drugs & medications, and nursing staff hours.
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The Solution

Aseptuva’s automated plug-and-play disinfection adaptors based on a guided Far-UVC techonology offers hospital staff a hands-free, safe & effective solution against microbial contamination of catheter-entry sites.
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Our Mission

Elevating Healthcare Globally

Making healthcare safer, more efficient, and resilient against future challenges

Combat HAI

Combat HAI and prevent thousands of patient deaths globally, thus ensuring shorter length of stay (LOS) and lesser costs

Support Health Workers

Lower burden on health workers and reduce the need for frequent wound cleansing and dressing changes

Counter AMR

Counter the rise of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) through use of Far-UVC as an alternative to antibiotics

United States of America

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Number of HAI cases and deaths in the US
1.7 Mil/year
HAI cases
HAI deaths

European Union

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Number of HAI cases and deaths in the EU
4.5 Mil/year
HAI cases
HAI deaths
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