About us

Aseptuva consists of 7 innovative-driven team members, wherein 3 co-founders bring diverse skillsets in Finance, Engineering and Physics.

The team gets support from an advisory board with renowned doctors, serial entrepreneurs, healthcare & regulatory experts from Switzerland, UK and US.
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Current development stage


We have established Proof-of-Concept (in-vitro) for safety and efficacy up to 99.999% for various bacterial and fungal species causing HAI. These studies were funded by Innosuisse and Switzerland Innovation and conducted at ZHAW Wadenswil and University of Zurich.

Intellectual Property

Our patents protect the overall technology for different medical applications, while we are extending the patent families with individual devices focused on a specific application.

Product development

Our functional prototypes are being used for Preclinical validation and Usability studies. Their design & fabrication is supported by EU Horzion 2020 MedPhab project with Philips Innovation Services, NL and Tyndall National Institute, Ireland.

Customer Interest

Our future customers include hospitals in Switzerland, UK, and US, from whom several Letters of Intent have been signed.
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Meet our team

Meet some of the visionaries behind Aseptuva, driving innovation for a safer healthcare future.

Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Zurich - gaining further entrepreneurial Know-how at Seoul National University, South Korea and Singapore Management University. Experience in Event Management including festivals with >25,000 visitors, Good Clinical Practice, Wealth Management. Responsible for Business Development, Fundraising & Operations.

Henry Twerenbold
CEO & Co-Founder
Business Development, Fundraising & Operations

PhD in Computational Biomechanics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, with additional skills in implementation of QMS compliant with ISO 13485:2016, Good Clinical Practice, Biocompatibility testing. Responsible for Biological Evaluation, Quality Assurance & Product Development.

Eashan Saikia
CTO & Co-Founder
Biological Evaluation, Quality Assurance & Product Development

BSc. in Biomedical Engineering from University Carlos III of Madrid and BSc. in Optics and Optometry, with 7+ years of experience in healthcare. She is a former biomedical researcher at CSIC and ETH Zurich, contributing to projects in Visual Optics, Biophotonics & Product Development.

Diana Canosa Tajes
Biomedical Engineer
Visual Optics, Biophotonics & Product Development

M(med)Sc. in Bioentrepreneurship from Karolinska Institute and a BSc. in Medical Technology. Combines academic and practical experience with Medical Device Engineering, Manufacturing, Corporate Venture Capital & Business Development.

Leon Tobler
US Business Analyst & Investor Relations
Medical Device Engineering, Manufacturing, Corporate Venture Capital & Business Development

MSc. in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship at University College London. Knowledge in Finance & Commercialization within the Biotechnology/Medicine sectors and the overall startup environment.

Alexia Lamprakaki
UK Healthcare strategist
Finance & Commercialization within the Biotechnology/Medicine sectors

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. med. Hugo Sax
Infectious Diseases
Former Head of Infection Prevention and Hospital Epidemiology University Hospital Zurich & Board Member and Ex-President Swissnoso - Swiss National Centre for Infection Prevention
Prof. em. Dr. med. Hans Pargger
Customer Advisor Switzerland
Former Director, Chief-Physician Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Basel & Former President of Certification Commission of the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner
R&D Strategy
President of the ETH Board - Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology
Leo den Hartog
Medtech / QMS Strategy
Senior Director Reliability Sonova Group
Dr. Fabian Unteregger
Co-Founder and Co-President Swiss Healthcare Startups & Founding Member ETH Circle, Comedian & Entrepreneur